How Do I...? (click the question ~ reveal the answer)

Plan my program?
Check my King's email?
Allow someone to access my information?
Get a PIN for Registry online services?
Change my name?
Change my address?
Find out who my advisor is?
Change my advisor or program?
Get a letter saying I am a new student?
Register for my courses?
Add or drop a course?
Know what courses I am in?
Get my courses transferred from another institution?
Register in audition music courses?
Find my class schedule?
Know when classes are cancelled?
Explain my absence from class?
Find my exam schedule?
Request to miss a final exam?
Appeal a mark or grade?
Withdraw from a course?
Appeal my academic standing?
Withdraw completely?
Write an appeal?
Order a transcript?
Submit official transcripts?
Replace my degree parchment?
Apply for a Study Permit?
OnLine Banking
OnLine Credit Card Payments
In Person
By Canada Post
Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
Additional Information
Get syllabi for courses I've already taken?
Request an independent study?
Calculate my GPA?
Redeem my BC Passport to Education?

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