How Do I .....? Personal Information Changes


How do I change my name?

If you have changed your legal name, and wish to change your name in our files, you will need two things:

1. A Change of Name form. You can obtain a Change of Name form either in person at the Registry office, or click Name Change Form.
2. Official evidence of your name change. Official evidence of your name change can be:

If you plan to submit your name change request in person, simply bring your completed form and documentation to the Registry office. We will photocopy your document(s) and update your file.

If you are not living in Edmonton or are otherwise unable to come to the Registry office, you can mail your name change form along with a "Certified True Copy" of your supporting documentation. Instructions for obtaining this "Certified True Copy" are available on your Change of Name form.

Please note that faxed or e-mailed name change requests will not be accepted.



How do I change my address?

If you have recently moved, we ask that you provide us with your new address as soon as possible, especially if you are a current student at King's.

You can do this three ways:

1. Come to the Registry office in person and fill out an Address Change form, which you will find on the wall just inside the entrance. You will need to provide your complete address, so please come prepared with your postal code and phone number.

2. Download and print a copy of the Address Change Form. You can then submit the form to us via mail or fax, or scan and e-mail a copy to

3. Log into Registry Online Services and select "Change My Address Information." This option will give you a chance to change or correct your home and local addresses, as well as your permanent and local emergency contacts.

You also have opportunities to change your address in connection with both Transcript requests and Change of Name requests. You do not need to submit an Address Change request as well, if you are submitting one of these other requests -- simply fill out the address change information on the Transcript Request or Name Change Form.


How do I find out who my advisor is?

Registry Online Services contains most information students need. You will need to log in using your student ID and PIN number (instructions for first time log are on the log on page)

Once you have logged on, click Display my Advisor Report. Your advisor will be listed at the top of the report. Your admission letter also lists your advisor.


How do I change my advisor or program?

To change your advisor or program submit a Request to Change Advisor/Concentration/Degree form to the Registry. Forms are available online or at the Registry. Your current advisor and you new advisor will need to sign your form.

Some programs have pre-requisites (i.e. MATH 30) so you should make sure you meet the requirements for the program before you submit the form.



How do I get a letter saying I am a new student?

All confirmation of enrolments need to be submitted to the Registry in writing (must have your signature). Request for Letter forms are available in the Registry or click Request a Confirmation Letter.

Please note the form must be filled in completely and the normal turnaround time is 24 hours. Please note that during peak times this may be longer. Also note that if you have a hold on your account confirmation of enrolment cannot be released until the hold is taken care of.