Graduating from King’s

If you are a student about to graduate, congratulations! You have worked so hard to get to this point!

Please remember you must apply to graduate, even if you don’t plan to attend the convocation ceremony, as credentials are not automatically awarded. Plan to submit the Application for Graduation through the Registration and Student Finance office when you are in your last year of studies.

Important Graduation 2024 Notices:

Questions? Please contact Nelson Wiebe at

Graduation FAQ

How do I apply to Graduate?
Stop by the Registration and Student Finance office and pick up a yellow "Application to Graduate". Check to make sure you meet all the requirements for your program and drop off your completed form at the Registration and Student Finance office. Remember, a $100 application fee is due when you submit your application form.

Who needs to fill out a grad application?
Anyone expecting to be finished his/her program by the end of the Fall or Winter of the current term.

I was approved to take a course elsewhere. When is the deadline to get my credits transferred to Kings?
Students who are completed requirements elsewhere must have final official transcripts submitted to the Registration and Student Finance office by November 30 for January conferral or March 31 for May conferral. I recommend completing all your coursework two weeks prior to the deadline to allow your instructors time for marking your assignments.

Do I have to pay for graduation photos?
King’s arranges (see Important Graduation Notices for specific dates) for a photographer to be on campus to take individual grad photos. The sitting fee is $45 for a full shoot with appointment. If you would only like your picture in the composite, the photo only fee is $5 and no appointment is necessary. All photos taken at the ceremony will be available for students to purchase from Images of Distinction after the ceremony. You will receive notification via email when these are available to view. Please notice that all further inquiries should be directed toward the Images of Distinction representative. Any additional shoots can be arranged through the company as well if you cannot make the specified dates on campus.

Do I have to come to the graduation rehearsal?
Yes, candidates for graduation must participate in the convocation rehearsal to participate in the ceremony. Rehearsal happens the day of convocation 2 hours before the ceremony is scheduled to start.

Do I need to get invitations in order for my guests to attend convocation?
No, guests do not need an invitation in order to get in the facility/attend the convocation. However, we ask that you do not invite more than 10 friends/family to the event to ensure there is room for all families to attend.

When will I get my Parchment?
On the grad application, you will indicate whether you’d like to pick up your parchment or have it mailed to a specified address. The parchments will be ready around the beginning of June and you will be notified when they are ready. Please note that if you have outstanding fees, residence fines, book fines, etc the parchment will be held until your account is cleared. To avoid surprise or disappointment, please be sure to check your account in May.

I’ve graduated! Now what?
Congratulations! You are officially alumni of The King’s University! Please visit the Alumni & Friends webpage to find out how you can still stay involved with King’s after you have earned your degree!