2018/2019 Academic Calendar

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Table of Contents

Glossary of Academic Terms
Academic Schedule
General Information

Statement of Faith * Mission Statement * History * Governance * The Campus

Application, Admission, Registration

Application * Basis of Admission * Notification of Acceptance and Admission * Transfer Credits * Second Degree Regulations * Registration Definitions * Fall and Winter term Registration


Fee Structure * Application Fees * Deposits * General Fees * Certification of Student Records * Residential Costs * Prepaid Food Servies Account * Parking Fees * Typical Costs * Payment of Fees * Obtaining a Refund * Late Payment Penalties * Tuition Fees

Awards and Financial Aid

Scholarships, Bursaries and Other Awards * Other Financial Aid * Campus Employment

Student Life

The University Community * Worship and Service * Student Resources * Student Government * Student Clubs * Student Publications * Social Activities * Fitness Opportunities * University Athletics * Student Services * Standards of Conduct


Post Secondary English at King’s * Off Campus Programs

Academic Information

Evaluation Procedures, Grading and Appeals * Challenge Exams * Repeating a Course * Attendance * Accomodation for Disabilities * Tests and Examinations * Scholarly Ethics and Academic Honesty * Notification of Results * Academic Standing Regulations * Additional Academic Regulations * Transfers to Other Institutions * Student Records * Transcripts * Graduation

Programs of Study

General Education Requirements * Major/First Concentration and Minor/Second * Concentration Requirements * Degree Programs * Bachelor of Arts (3-year) * Bachelor of Arts (4-year) * Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Studies) * Bachelor of Science (3-year) * Bachelor of Science (4-year) * Bachelor of Science (Environmental Studies) * Bachelor of Commerce * Bachelor of Music * Bachelor of Education (After Degree) * University Diplomas and Certificates * Post-Baccalaureate Certificate and Diploma * Pre-Professional Programs

Course Descriptions
University College Personnel
Board of Governors and Senate

The Calendar sets forth the intention of The King's University at the time of its publication. The University College reserves the right to change or amend its programs, course offerings, fee structure and regulations at any time from those published in this Calendar.

The printed version is the published version; the World Wide Web version has no standing other than as a reflection of the published calendar. In the case of any differences between the two, the printed calendar and published errata shall be definitive.