Fall/Winter Registration Instructions – Returning Students

Your registration decisions play an important part in shaping your university experience. We have provided the steps below to help you complete your registration for the 2020/21 Academic Session.


There are four major tools to help you choose your classes:

  1. Fall and Winter Timetables. Make sure you select the right year and term.
  2. Program Advisor ReportGo to Current Students. Follow the log in instructions.  Once you have logged in select Display my Program Advisor Report from the Registration menu. There are several tools located here that will assist you in picking and registering in courses for next year.
  3. Academic Advisor – Each student has been assigned an Academic Advisor.  Your advisor’s name is located at the top of your Program Advisor Report.
  4. The Academic Calendar (please note you are required to follow the program requirements for the year you were admitted). Pay close attention to Academic Information,Programs of Study, and Course Descriptions.


  1. To determine what courses you still need to complete, start by reviewing your Program Analysis section in your Program Advisor Report. The Program Analysis section will list all the courses you have completed, and which you still need to complete. At the far right under Possible Choices select Click Here to View. This will expand a list showing the year and term those courses are next scheduled to be offered.
  2. Make a list of all the potential courses you could take next year.
  3. Once you have a list of courses, consult the Academic Schedule to determine when courses are offered.


  1. Using the Blank Schedule, start to build your schedule for next fall, then for next winter.
    Bachelor of Arts, Science, Music and Commerce:
    1. Start with courses in your Major/Concentration that are required in your program and are on a 2 year cycle. If you are not going to be here the next time the course is offered then you need to take the course in 2020/21.
    2. Next add Interdisciplinary Studies Courses – All full time students are required to be enrolled in INST. Determine which INST you recently completed and register for the next version (INST 200/210/300/310/400/410).
    3. Next add King's Common Curriculm Courses - All Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce students should plan to finish the King's Common Curriculum (KCC) requirements for their program by the end of their second year. Review your program to determine which KCC courses you still need to complete. Please note that for 4-Year Bachelor of Arts Music and Bachelor of Music students should have their KCC requirements completed within the first 90 credits, and Bachelor of Science students by the end of the program.
    4. Check for Cognate Courses – Some programs have courses required by the degree or major that are not part of the major.
    5. If you have a Minor/Second concentration, add those courses next.
    6. Finally add Elective courses as you have room in your program.

    Bachelor of Education Students:
    1. Start with the required courses still remaining in your program that only have one section offered. If more than one section is offered, adjust for the additional courses required to fulfill admission requirements, or credits to complete teachable majors and teachable minors.
    2. Add any courses required to fulfill admission requirements, or credits to complete teachable majors and teachable minors.
  2. Things to Watch:
    1. Pay special attention to courses that are cycled on a 2-year rotation (To see rotation of courses, click on the course name in the schedule. For example, courses being offered 2020/21 Fall will not be offered again until the 2022/21 Academic Year).
    2. Labs and Seminars – Some courses have labs or seminars. Make sure you plan these into your timetable.
    3. Prerequisites: You must have the prerequisites for a course in order to register for it. If you don’t have the prerequisite for the course you can talk with the instructor and have the prerequisites waived by completing the Prerequisite Waiver Form.
    4. Permission: The following courses require permission or special forms – BIOL 497, BUSI 489, BUSI 490, CHEM 497, CMPT 470, CMPT 480, CMPT 481, CMPT 496, ENGL 391, ENGL 398, ENVS 490, HIST 497, HIST 498, MUSI 498, PHES 498, or a directed study (usually numbered 499). Please contact the instructor of these courses to have them email the Registry indicating that you have permission to take the course. For Directed studies, please fill out the Directed Study form.

Tips for Building your timetable:

  1. You can use the Blank Schedule to ensure that you don’t have any course conflicts.
  2. Generally there are two patterns for class lectures: MWF (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), or TR (Tuesday/Thursday). MWF classes are usually 50 minutes long and start on the hour. TR classes are 80 minutes in duration and start on the hour or half hour. Evening classes are normally 3 hours in length.
  3. You should begin by scheduling courses with the least number of sections because they offer the least amount of flexibility. For example, there is one section of BIOL 290, so you’ll want to put that into your timetable before adding a course like PHIL 230.
  4. Be sure to register for both the class lecture and any labs or seminars. Labs and seminars have to fit within your schedule as well.

Note the following:

  1. Choir and private music instruction courses may be added as extra courses up to a total of 17.9 credits.
  2. Students who register for EDUC 251 must choose which lab they have free for school placement. Be sure to allow time for transportation when selecting a free half day.


Once you have determined the courses for which you wish to register and have built a timetable that works, you will need to actually register in the courses.

  1. Online registration opens March 18, 2020 @ noon and continues through the summer months.
    1. Within your Registry Web-based Services is the option Accept Your Student Contractual Obligations. You need to review and agree to the Student Contractual Obligations before you can register for the 2020/21 Academic Session.
    2. Return to the main menu and select My On-line Registration. Select the term you wish to register in courses. A page will appear with a drop down menu. Select the course you want (don’t forget labs and seminars) and click Make Changes. The screen will refresh to show your selection in both your course list and your block schedule.
      TIP: In the drop down menu where you can select the course, if you type the first letter of the course you are looking for, it will jump you down to that letter.
    3. Repeat step ‘b’ until you have registered for all of your courses. Once you are finished an e-mail will be sent to your advisor asking him or her to review your registration.
    4. Once your course selections have been approved you will receive an e-mail stating such. If your advisor thinks you should make changes, he or she will send you an email with their suggestions. Please note that it is your responsibility to make the suggested changes.
    If you are missing a prerequisite or if the new course conflicts with a course you are already registered in, you will be notified on screen when you attempt to add the course. If the course is full you will be given the opportunity to put yourself on the waitlist for that course.

Making Changes



  1. Tuition Deposit – A non-refundable Tuition Deposit of $400 is due June 15, 2020 In order to maintain your student status for the 2020/21 Academic Year you must to be registered in courses and have your tuition deposit paid by June 15, 2020. Please contact the Registry if you are not able to make this deadline. If you are not returning please notify the Registry by emailing us from your King's email.
  2. Registration Confirmation – Registration Confirmation is September 3 - 4, 2020 (Fall Term) and January 4, 2021 (Winter Term). All students must confirm their registration on these days. If you are unable to confirm on these days please notify the Registry by emailing us from your King's email.. Students who have not confirmed their registration and who do not notify the Registry will be removed from their courses on September 14, 2020 (Fall Term) and January 11, 2021 (Winter Term).