Office of Enrolment Management and Registrar

Office: Admissions
Phone: 780-465-8334
Fax: 780-465-3534

Office: Registration and Student Finance
Phone: 780-465-8330
Fax: 780-465-8321

Hours: Normally 08:30 - 16:30, Monday - Friday, except 10:00 - 12:00 noon on Wednesday

Staff Members

Enrolment Management

Associate Vice President of Enrolment Management and Registrar
Allen Verbeek
C108, 780-465-3500 x8111

Manager, Student Finance & Scholarships
Meredith Holmes
C116, 780-465-3500 x8117

Student Systems Specialist
Henry Stad
C113, 780-465-3500 x8214


Associate Registrar
Ben Brook
C115, 780-465-3500 x8102

Academic Advising Coordinator
Nelson Wiebe
C111, 780-465-3500 x8123

Student Records Coordinator
C110, 780-465-3500 x8030


Director of Admissions
Hilda Buisman
C107, 780-465-3500 x8031

Associate Director of Admissions
Wanda Thiessen
C106, 780-465-3500 x8095

Coordinator - Admission Events
Kathleen Shippit
C112, 780-465-3500 x8085

Admissions Counsellor
Michelle Nguyen
C105.3, 780-465-3500 8087

International Admissions Counsellor
Courtney Radatz
C105.1, 780-465-3500 x8034

Coordinator - Admissions Information and Communications
Shelbi Wiebe
C105.2, 780-465-3500 x8093

Admissions Counsellor
Brendan Middel
A129, 780-465-3500 x8032

Admissions Counsellor
Justin Wagenaar
A129, 780-465-3500 x8032