How Do I .....? Scheduling Changes


How do I find my class schedule?

Registry Online Services contains most information students need. Click the Current Students link from the menu on the left. You will need to log in using your student ID and PIN number (instructions for first time log are on the log on page)

Once you are logged in, click What Am I Registered In and select the appropriate term.



How do I know when classes are cancelled?

Classes are canceled only in extreme weather conditions or in the event of an emergency.

If faculty member cancels a single class then a sign will be posted outside the classroom and at the front desk. In the event that a faculty member is not able to notify King’s in time to post a sign, it is recommended that students remain in the class until 10 minutes have passed from when the class normally begins.



How do I explain my absence from class?

If you miss a class you are not required to explain your absence. If you plan to miss more than one class you can contact the Registry and we will email your professors to let them know you will be absent.

If you are absent for a midterm, quiz, or for a class where an assignment is due, you must contact your professor immediately. If you will or have missed a final exam you must contact the Registry immediately and fill out a Request to Miss a Final Exam form in person. Please note you will be required to document your absence (doctor’s note etc). The documentation must clearly state that something beyond your control prevented you from attending class and submitting course work due on that day.