How Do I .....? Appeals & Withdraw Questions


How do I appeal a mark or a grade?

You have 30 days from receiving a mark or grade to appeal to the instructor. If the instructor is unavailable or this doesn't resolve your disagreement, you can appeal to the Vice President Academic. This should happen within those 30 days if the instructor is unavailable or no more than 30 days after an unsuccessful appeal to the instructor. Your appeal should be written and should cite acceptable grounds as well as what remedy you are seeking.

See Grade Appeal Process for more information.



How do I appeal my academic standing?

Students have the ability to appeal their academic standing within 30 days of receiving notice. Appeals should be directed at the Registry who will arrange an appointment with the appropriate Faculty Dean.  See Notes and Additional Academic Regulations letter "e".



How do I Withdraw From a Course?

There are two ways to withdraw from a course:

1. Withdraw in person at the Registry with a Course Withdrawal form

2. Withdraw online using the following steps:
- Click the Current Students link from the menu on the left and log on.
- select "My Online Registration"
- select the year and term and click "Register for displayed year and term"
- click "Retrieve Current Registrations"
- select the "withdraw" box next to the course you want to withdraw from
- click "make changes"

Please note, some withdrawals require special permission.



How do I withdraw completely?

Withdrawing completely from King’s also means losing your student status. If you want to return to King’s in a subsequent term you will need to reapply.

Please fill out a Notification of Withdrawal From King’s form (available in the Registry) and submit it with your ID to the Registry. Please note that withdrawing from King’s can have financial implications including losing Financial Aid, repaying student loans, and being required to move out of Residence.



How do I write an appeal?

King’s recognizes that from time to time events occur in a student’s life that prevent or hinder their ability to meet deadlines. However, deadlines, exam writing times and academic policy are firm and strictly enforced to ensure fair treatment of all students.

Students who are medically or similarly unable to meet their obligations should not be made to suffer unduly. Students who can prove, normally with external evidence, that they could not comply with a deadline, exam writing time or academic policy should make their case in writing to the Registry. Students need to be able to demonstrate some external force that is preventing complicance. All appeals will be considered carefully.
An appeal must include the following:

  1. Students name, student ID number and signature.
  2. What deadline, exam time or policy that is being appealed, and a detailed account of the external force that is preventing the student from complying.
  3. External documentation
  4. A statement of the desired outcome.

More information is available in the Registry.