How Do I .....? General Questions


How Do I Plan My Program?

Knowing what courses are required when can be complicated, but is not an impossible task! You have three key resources as you take responsibility for planning your program.

1. The Calendar
You received a copy of the current academic calendar when you applied to King's. In that you will find a statement of the requirements for your program. A simple technique for tracking this is to check off courses as you complete them. You can also access the online version of the calendar.

2. Registry Online Services
You can log into Registry Online Services using your student id number and a PIN. Your PIN has a default value the first time you log in, and you will change it. Here you will be able to see your Program Advisor report. This gives you a list of all the courses you have taken, any transfer credit you have received from other post-secondary work, and an analysis of your program. These requirements follow the outline in the calendar, noting what you have completed, and what remains. You can also click a link under each requirement to see what courses that match the requirement that have been scheduled.

3. Your faculty advisor
In your letter of admission, the name of your faculty advisor was given to you. If you are not sure, the advisors name is on your advisor report as well as on course/fee sheets. Your faculty advisor is there to help you plan a program that meets our program requirements and your educational and vocational goals. Prepare by reviewing your program advisor report on the web, the calendar and course schedules, and then make an appointment to see your advisor.

Here are a few general pointers to help you:



How do I check my King's email?

There is important information that is sent to your King's email account*. These could be notes from your instructors, from the Registry, from Student Life, or from your Student's Association.

Outlook can be accessed from your home computer or from the computer labs. To view your inbox off campus, type in your browser and sign in as you normally would when on campus.

You can also forward your King's email to another email account. To learn how, click here: Forwarding your King's email

See IT (A129 or ext 8324) if you have further questions.

In Outlook, you are able to check other people's schedule for meeting times, create different calendars for various schedules, track word documents, and more. Students can access emails off campus.

* Please note: Though the use of your King’s email is very important for while you are a student at The King's University, unfortunately it will be deleted when you no longer remain a current student at King's so please plan accordingly as you finish your studies with us.



How do I pay my fees?

Tuition and Fees are due in full on Registration Confirmation day each term.

Students can pay their fees in one of three ways.

  1. Fees can be mailed in to the Registry. Forms of payment would include cheque and money order/bank draft.

  2. Fees can be paid in person. Forms of payment would include cheque, money order/bank draft, Interac, VISA/MasterCard* and cash.

  3. Fees can be paid online. Forms of payment include Interac and VISA/MasterCard. To pay online click the Online Payment link from the menu on the left.

*VISA/MasterCard: Students can only use a VISA or MasterCard that is issued in their name. If they plan to use a credit card issued to someone else then the student must have signed authorization from the card holder.


How do I allow someone to access my information?

Protecting your privacy

We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your information as a student. That means we will not release information to anyone, except to confirm whether or not you are a current student. This policy also applies to parents and spouses. By following this policy we are seeking to respect Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act.

Granting Access to Your Information

There are circumstances, however, when you want to give someone else access to your information. You do this by completing a Release of Information Authorization form and submitting it to the Registry. This gives the person or persons you identify on this form the ability to access registration, grade and/or financial information. For example, if a parent is going to phone in to pay by credit card, you could use this form to give us permission to tell him or her how much you owe.

Granting Authority to Act on Your Behalf

It is very unusual to give another individual the right to act on your behalf by registering, adding or dropping courses, withdrawing from courses, and so on. You are ultimately responsible for your registrations, even if you have authorized someone to act on your behalf. There are some situations in which this might be useful, however. For instance, you might be going on a trip or into a work situation where you cannot be contacted and cannot contact us. In these limited situations, you can authorize someone else to act on your behalf by sending us a signed letter or fax naming the individual you would like to act on your behalf, and stating the effective dates for this authority.


How do I get a PIN for Registry Online Services?

If you have never logged into Registry Online Services before, your PIN defaults to the month and day of your birth. For example, if you were born on 29 February, your PIN would be 0229.

If you have previously logged into Registry Online Services, and have forgotten your PIN, you may submit a request from the login page to have your PIN reset to the default. You may also contact the Registry at or by phone at 465-8330.