How Do I .....? Pay for My Education


Making a payment on your Student Account.

Whether you are paying your tuition deposit, paying a portion or all of your fees for a term, or paying a library fine, putting money onto your student account has never been easier.

Step 1:
Click Online Payments on this site, or navigate to
Click “I accept” to acknowledge our terms and conditions. (There are links on that page if you would like to read them.)

Step 2:
Enter your ID number and your First and Last Name. Then click Verify. You will see either a success window and can click Continue.

Your ID number can be
your Alberta Student Number (which you used with ApplyAlberta)
your EAS Application ID, which you used to apply for residence or financial aid)
your King’s Student ID number (which you receive after you pay your tuition deposit)

Step 3:
Enter the amount you wish to pay and click Continue. Then choose the purpose of your payment from the list. The list will vary depending on your admission status. You also select the payment method you are going to use. Not all methods are available for all payment purposes. Click continue when you have these selected.

Interac Online Debit is available if you bank with RBC, TD or Christian Credit Union
Visa/Mastercard appears for only application fees and deposits on tuition and residence,
Credit/Debit/Bank Transfer with Flywire allows you to use all of those methods, both Canadian and international by means of Flywire. Note that there is a surcharge for using Flywire. Please note that Flywire does not accept a PO Box as a valid address. Please ensure that you are entering a physical address.

Step 4:
Complete the forms that appear for the payment method you have chosen. This may mean providing more address information, and debit, credit, or banking information as needed.

Once you have completed your payment, you should see a page that indicates that you have paid successfully.

OnLine Banking

**please allow a minimum of 2 business days for your payment to appear on your student account**

You can pay for deposits, tuition, student fees and residence fees through online banking at the following banks. Under each bank are links to the specific bank’s bill payment options and hints on selecting King’s as a new payee on your bill payment profile.

There are two steps in this process. First you need to add King’s as a Payee on your on-line banking profile. You only need to do this once. Second you need to make your payments through the bill payments section of your on-line banking.

Adding King’s as a Payee
Find your bank below (click the [+] to expand the details) and follow the directions to your bank website and to search for King’s as a Payee. This is a tricky step as there are a few other institutions in Canada with “King’s” in their name. Make sure that you select King’s located in Edmonton.

[+] Scotia Bank
[+] ATB Financial
[+] TD
[+] Credit Union
[+] CIBC
[+] Bank of Montreal (BMO)
[+] Royal Bank (RBC)
[+] Tangerine

Please note that your bank may abbreviate the payee entry after you have set it up.

Newly Admitted Students

Returning/Current Students

To Make Your Payment


Paying by Monthly Installments

You can sign up for a pre-authorized debit plan prior to confirming your registration. Payments are processed through automatic withdrawal from your Canadian bank or credit union. There is a fee charged per pre-authorized debit plan. There will be a link to this service from your Registry OnLine services account. This means you must have a valid Canadian bank account.

Monthly installments are interest free if the payments are received on time. Should you fail to keep your payments in good standing, you will incur interest charges of 19.56% per annum calculated back to the date of your Registration Confirmation. Further, you will not be eligible to pay by monthly installments in the subsequent term.

Your first payment, which is paid to King’s, is due on or before your registration confirmation date. The remaining installments are due on the first of each month.

Payment Dates Fall Winter % due
First payment On or before August 31 On or before January 3 25%*
Second installment On October 1 On February 1 25%
Third installment On November 1 On March 1 25%
Fourth installment On December 1 On April 1 25%
*25% of all tuition and fees, less loan remittances and financial aid. Deposits are subtracted from the 25%.


In Person

Come to the Office of the Registrar, Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Payments can be made by:


By Canada Post

Cheque, Money Order or Bank Draft can be mailed to:

The King’s University
Attn: The Office of the Registrar
9125 50 St NW
Edmonton, AB T6B 2H3


Student Loans

Students may apply for student loans through their province of residence. Government-issued student loans are interest free while students are full-time postsecondary students at an approved institution.

Applications are available in June of each year. Students are encouraged to apply by the end of June to ensure their funding is in order for the upcoming academic year. Most provinces provide the option of applying on paper or online. To find a link to your province’s student loan website, visit


Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

In order to withdraw money from an RESP, you will need a Verification of Enrolment from King’s confirming you are attending full-time. A Verification of Enrolment is provided by the Office of the Registrar upon receipt of King’s Request for Letter form, which must be signed by the applicant or student.



If you have Aeroplan Miles can now use your loyalty program points to pay for your school fees. Through HigherEd Points, Aeroplan Miles can be redeemed for HigherEd credits which can be used as a payment on your student account. Students, family and friend of the student, can currently convert 35,000 Aeroplan miles into a $250.00 payment to your student account. Please refer to (HigherEdPoints) for more details.


Additional Information

When Are My Fees Due?

Tuition and fees are due for at the time of confirmation: approximatey end of August - start of September for the Fall and start of January for the Winter Term.

How Much Will My Tuition and Fees be for Next Year?

Fees will include tuition, student fees, books and materials. All Fees can be viewed at

If you are paying by monthly installments a fee of $37.50 will apply to each term.

Once you are registered in courses you can view your Course/Fee Sheet by logging into your OnLine Services ( and selecting My OnLine Registration. Pick the term you want to view and select Display Unofficial Course/Fee Sheet. Prior to confirmation you will be emailed an estimate of fees owing.

Mom and Dad - make sure they know!

King’s can release information to your parents only if you have authorized them to have access to this information… this includes how much your tuition and fees will be. If someone will be paying on your behalf, you will need to give them written authorization to have access to your financial information.

For more information about loans, scholarships, campus employment, budgeting and frugal living tips, please visit Scholarships & Student Finance on the King’s Website (