New Student Registration

Additional Tips for Building Your Schedule

Using your King's Registration Information email, begin to build a schedule that includes all the courses you need for your program, includes courses that interest you, and fits your personal scheduling preferences.

  1. In the registration email there is a chart that outlines the courses in which you need to register. Each course links to the course description. For sections where there are several course options, read through the course descriptions and pick courses that interest you. This will help you narrow your options down to 1 or 2 courses from each area.

  2. Using the Course Schedule and Blank Schedule, begin to pencil your courses in the following order:
    • Major course(s).
    • Cognate course(s), if applicable.
    • Foundation options.
    • Interdisciplinary Studies.
    • Extra courses (Fine Arts, Natural Science and Social Science) or other courses that have only one section.
    • Finally, pick an English section.

      To understand the components of your degree, please go to Understanding Your Program

  3. For detailed instructions on how to register, please refer to your King's Registration Information email.

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Contact Admissions to speak with an Admissions Counsellor or to set-up a one-on-one course registration appointment: