COURSE TITLE: Criminology
CREDIT WEIGHT AND WEEKLY TIME DISTRIBUTION: credits 3(hrs lect 3 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 0)
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Examination and application of theories of criminal and delinquent behavior. Also examined is the relationship between laws and morality and the social processes leading to criminal behavior.

Prerequisites: Three credits in sociology at the introductory level
REQUIRED TEXTS: Linden, Rick. 2016. Criminology: A Canadian Perspective. 8th Edition. Toronto: Nelson.
Midterm exam 130%
Midterm exam 230%
Final Examination 40%
COURSE OBJECTIVES:At the end of the course, students are expected to be equipped with the analytical tools (both theoretical and extra-theoretical) necessary for re/de/constructing the processes leading to the production of crimes, criminals and conformists in Canada and elsewhere. To achieve the course objectives, our discussions will consist of lectures (including guest lecture) and notes, readings (texts), video clips, class participation and exams. You are REQUIRED to read the weekly assigned readings before the start of every class
  • Week 1: Course introduction & overview
    • The subject matter of Criminology?
    • Readings: Chapter 1 and lecture notes
  • Week 2: Understanding Crime
    • Readings: Chapter 3 and lecture notes
    • Counting crime (How much crime do we know?)
    • Readings: Chapter 4 and lecture notes
  • Week 3: Correlates of crime
    • Readings: Chapter 5 and lecture notes
  • Week 4: Early theories of crime
    • Readings: Chapter 8 and lecture notes
  • Week 5: Psychological theories of crime
    • Readings: Chapter 9 and lecture notes
    • Video: “The Psychopath Next Door”
  • Week 6: Strain theories
    • Readings: Chapter 10 and lecture notes
    • Videos: ”The Perfect Score: Cheating on the SAT”
  • Week 7: Conflict theories
    • Readings: Chapter 11 and lecture notes
  • Week 8: Interactionist theories
    • Readings: Chapter 13 and lecture notes
  • Week 9: Social control theories
    • Readings: Chapter 14 and lecture notes
  • Week 10: Deterrence, Routine Activity and Rational Choice Theories
    • Readings: Chapter 15 and lecture notes
    • Video: “3 Strikes and You're Out: After 20 Years, Is the Law Working?”
  • Week 11: Street/Conventional crime
    • Guest lecture: “Sexual Assault in Canada” by Nikki Bernier from SACE
  • Weeks 12: Organized crime
    • Readings: Chapter 16 and lecture notes
    • Video: “Tracking the international cyber criminals “
  • Week 13: Corporate and white-collar crime
    • Readings: Chapter 17 and lecture notes
    • Video: Ralph Nader: Why aren’t corporate crimes prosecuted?
  • Week 14: Crime and deviance on cyberspaces
    • Readings: Chapter 18 and lecture notes

Required texts, assignments, and grade distributions may vary from one offering of this course to the next. Please consult the course instructor for up to date details.

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