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COURSE TITLE: Canadian Society
NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Dr Jeffrey Brassard
CREDIT WEIGHT AND WEEKLY TIME DISTRIBUTION: credits 3 (hrs lect 3 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 0)
CALENDAR DESCRIPTION: This course will explore the development of Canadian society in the context of a variety of national and international level issues, including: French-English-Aboriginal relations, regionalism, multiculturalism, business/labor relations, criminal justice, and class and gender inequalities.

REQUIRED TEXTS: Angelini, Paul 2012. Our Society: Human Diversity in Canada 4th ed. Toronto: ITP Nelson.
Term exam 1 33.3%
Term exam 233.3%
Final Exam33.4%
COURSE OBJECTIVES:By the end of the course students should be able to: 
  • Describe and compare theories from Sociology and explain how they are used to understand Canadian society.
  • Identify key characteristic of Canadian society.
  • Describe key aspects of Canadian society including: regionalism, demographics, inequality, indigenous peoples, the roles of race and gender, family structures and the media environment.
  • Explain the methodologies that sociologists use to arrive at their conclusions and any disagreements and problems that arise. 
  • Assess predictions about the future Canada and Canadian society from a sociological perspective.
  • Course Introduction 
  • Regionalism in Canada
  • Demographic Trends
  • Inequality
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • The Role of Gender
  • Sexual Diversity
  • Canadian Families
  • The Media in Canada
  • The Future of Canadian Society
  • Course Conclusion
  • Final Exam

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