COURSE TITLE: History of Christianity in Canada
NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Richard W. Vaudry, Ph.D.
CREDIT WEIGHT AND WEEKLY TIME DISTRIBUTION: credits 3(hrs lect 3 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 0)
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course seeks to examine various aspects of the religious culture of British North America and Canada from the 18th century to the present. It will consist of a combination of lectures by the instructor and seminar discussions based on extensive readings in the most recent literature. Among the topics to be considered are Protestant-Catholic relations, evangelicalism, ultramontanism, the Victorian crisis of belief, the social gospel, secularization, fundamentalism, and popular religious culture. Readings in English, Scottish, Irish and American religious history are intended to provide a transatlantic and comparative perspective on the Canadian scene.

Prerequisites: HIST 360 or HIST 361
REQUIRED TEXTS: Mark A. Noll,  A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada, (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1992)
Essay 1 (2000 words)25%
Essay 2 (2000 words)25%
Attendance, Preparation and Participation20%
Final Examination30%
COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course will help King's students to think seriously about the role Christianity has played in the formation of Canadian institutions and culture. It will help them address contemporary questions surrounding the relationship of Christianity to Canadian culture by providing an historical perspective on how Christians in the past have attempted to relate the two. Inevitably it will open up for discussion a multitude of perspectival and foundational questions surrounding the discipline of history, the role and function of historians, and God's actions in history.
COURSE OUTLINE:Topic List:  (specific readings will be assigned weekly)
  • Canadian religious history and the Atlantic World
  • A brief survey of the church in New France
  • The Impact of the British Conquest
  • Religion in the Era of the American Revolution
  • The Oxford Movement and British North America
  • The Scottish Disruption and British North America
  • Protestant and Catholic in Nineteenth Century Canada
  • New Cross-currents in belief and practice
  • The Social Gospel and Social Reform
  • The Churches and the World Wars
  • Fundamentalism and Modern Evangelicalism
  • Church Union
  • Religion and Public Life in l9th and 20th Century Canada: Comparative  Perspectives
  • Christianity and Higher Education
  • Christianity in Modern Canada
  • The Secularization of Canadian Society

Required texts, assignments, and grade distributions may vary from one offering of this course to the next. Please consult the course instructor for up to date details.

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