COURSE TITLE: Religion in the Classroom
NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Margie Patrick
CREDIT WEIGHT AND WEEKLY TIME DISTRIBUTION: credits 1.5 (hrs lect 1.5 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 0)
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course equips teachers to teach about religion in a variety of school contexts. We examine the legal parameters, study the religious diversity existent in Canada, and explore various issues involving religion that arise across the curriculum. Teachers able to confidently and comfortably discuss and teach about religion create welcoming spaces for all students and enable students to critically engage with diverse ideas, their neighbours, and the world in which they live.

Same as EDUC 567.
  • Online articles as listed in the topical outline. 
Aspect discussions and summary papers (4) 60%
Presentation incorporating religion in subject area issue 40%
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Encourage pre-service teachers to:
  • Develop confidence in teaching curriculum that involves religion;
  • Be aware of the various religious issues that may emerge when teaching curriculum in religiously diverse classrooms;
  • Discern one’s own religious autobiography and how personal views and experiences of religion inform one’s responses, fears, and biases towards religion;
  • Learn how to teach about religion in a fair and balanced manner that creates a safe classroom environment;
  • Apprehend a framework with which to develop one’s own thinking about religion in the curriculum and classroom.
  • Course Structure: The What, Who, Why, and How
  • Tues. Sept. 4: The What - Introduction to the course
  • Thurs. Sept. 6: The What - What is “religion”?
  • Tues. Sept. 11: The Who: Introduction to “the big six plus one” religious traditions
  • Thurs. Sept. 13: The Who - Caricatures and misunderstandings
  • Tues. Sept.18: Religious Aspect Discussion #1
  • Thurs. Sept. 20: The Why - The secularization theory and return of religion
  • Tues. Sept. 25: The Why - The history of teaching about religion in Canada (choose one of following)
  • Thurs. Sept. 27: The Why – Population, demographics and religious illiteracy
  • Tues. Oct. 2: The Why – Citizenship
  • Thurs. Oct. 4: The Why – Unexamined teacher biases
  • Tues. Oct. 9: Religious Aspect Discussion #2
  • Thurs. Oct. 11: The How - A Possible Framework: Creating plural public schools – Worldviews
  • Tues. Oct. 16: The How - A Possible Framework: Creating plural public schools – Multiculturalism
  • Thurs. Oct. 18: The How - A Possible Framework: Creating plural public schools – Toleration, power, and social justice
  • Tues. Oct. 23: Religious Aspect Discussion #3
  • Thurs. Oct. 25: The How – Challenges
  • Tues. Oct. 30: The How – Lessons from English RE
  • Thurs. Nov. 1: The How – Case Studies (Pluralism Project/AAR)
  • Tues. Nov. 6: The How – A Teacher’s Perspective (Guest speaker)
  • Thurs. Nov. 8: Religious Aspect Discussion #4
  • Thurs. Nov. 15-27: Presentations – 3
  • Thurs. Nov. 29: What are teachers saying and doing?
  • Tues. Dec. 4: Implications for the classroom
  • Thurs. Dec. 6: Conclusion/Wrap Up

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