COURSE TITLE: Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary English Language Arts and Social Studies I
NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Lloyd Den Boer, Margie Patrick
CREDIT WEIGHT AND WEEKLY TIME DISTRIBUTION: credits 3 (hrs lect 3 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 0)
CALENDAR DESCRIPTION: This curriculum and instruction course provides an in-depth study of the methods and materials used in the teaching of junior and senior high school English language arts and social studies with a special focus on the Alberta curriculum guides for subjects. This course helps English language arts and social studies pre-service teachers to understand both the theoretical and pedagogical underpinnings of their major and minor teaching area. Topics covered include subject integration, planning, instruction, classroom and management. Assessment issues will receive special attention throughout the course, this emphasis includes a dedicated Master Teacher module on Assessment.

This course is open only to students in the B.Ed. (AD) Secondary program. 
  • Alberta Programs of Study: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Drama, Music and PE. Available at
  • Burke, J. (2008). The English Teacher’s Companion: A Complete Guide to Classroom, Curriculum, and the Profession. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
  • Case, Roland. (2008). The Anthology of Social Studies: Issues and Strategies for Secondary Teachers. Vancouver: Pacific Educational Press.
  • Lowry, Lois. (1993). The Giver. New York: Dell-Laurel Leaf.
Paper on novel integration 35%
Critical thinking/Interpretation (Lesson plan & demonstration)35%
Journals OR ELA-SS assignments30%
COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course is the first of two courses designed to prepare pre-service teachers to teach ELA, SS, PE, and Fine Arts. Although the primary focus of this course will be the teaching and integration of these subjects within the junior high classroom, we will also be relating the course material to the senior high classroom.

Using an innovative, integrated approach to English LA and SS, pre-service teachers will explore relevant topics, employing the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry as a model. Then together as a community of learners they will explore the necessary skills and content of these subject areas. A central objective of this course is for pre-service teachers to gain a deep knowledge of the ELA and SS Program of Studies (POS). Pre-service teachers will demonstrate their understanding of the nature and significance of the structures and components found within the POS in a variety of

These experiences are guided by a framework that ensures the teaching and classroom activities of pre-service teachers:
  • explore a Biblical view of students, teaching and learning;
  • reflect the needs, abilities and learning styles of their students;
  • ensure their lesson plans and planned activities are sensitive to diverse students;
  • understand the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to teach the Alberta curriculum;
  • address the theoretical foundations of ELA and SS;
  • employ a variety of pedagogical strategies;
  • recognize how strategies are closely linked to appropriate assessment and evaluation tools; and
  • develop inclusive classrooms.
  • Jan. 3 (Tues) AM: Subject integration example
    • Introduction to ELA: The Giver
    • Reading assignment: The Giver
    • PM: (S101) Introduction to SS: The Giver
    • (Case chapter 29)
  • Jan. 5 (Thurs): AM Alberta Program of Studies: ELA & SS
    • Amy von Heyking. 2006. Fostering a provincial identity: Two eras in
    • Alberta schooling. Canadian Journal of Education, 29:4, 1127-1156.
    • (Google title)
    • Burke, “Revising our discipline: What English is—and is not.” pp. 12-17.
    • Alberta Education. 2006. English language arts reflections, pp. 7-11.
  • Jan. 10 (Tues): AM SS core foundations: identity and citizenship
    • Case chapter 3 and Introduction to SS POS
    • SS skills & processes: critical thinking
    • Case chapter 7
    • PM (S101)
    • ELA core foundations: language in service of community e.g.: speaking and listening
    • Burke, read pp. 203-210, skim pp.211-255
  • Jan. 11 (Wed): Noon Fine Arts & PE majors/minors meet @ Kenilworth for orientation
  • Jan. 12 (Thurs): AM Fine Arts majors/minors @ Kenilworth
    • ELA & SS majors/minors: No class
    • PM PE majors/minors @ Kenilworth
  • Jan. 17 (Tues): AM SS skills & processes: historical thinking
    • Case chapter 9
    • ELA: Interpretive thinking 1
    • Burke, pp. 136-152.
    • PM (S101) SS skills & processes: geographic thinking
    • Case chapter 10
    • ELA: Interpretive thinking 2
    • Burke, pp. 184-192.
  • Jan. 19 (Thurs): AM FA majors/minors @ Kenilworth
    • ELA & SS majors/minors on campus with Margie (S101) (IS)
    • PM PE majors/minors @ Kenilworth
    • Kenilworth observers: two reflections due Friday, Jan. 20
  • Jan. 24 (Tues): AM SS approach: Multiple perspectives
    • Case chapter 25
    • ELA: Discovery e.g.: writing as discovery
    • Burke, pp.65-68, 119-135
    • PM FA & PE observers off in lieu of Kenilworth observations
    • ELA & SS majors/minors on campus with Margie (S101)
  • Jan. 26 (Thurs): AM FA majors/minors @ Kenilworth
    • ELA & SS majors/minors on campus with Lloyd
    • PM (S101) SS approach: Diversity
    • Case chapter 17
    • ELA: writing as inquiry
    • Burke, pp. 68-75, skim pp. 75-110
  • Intensive Week
  • Jan. 30 (Mon.) AM Visual Art workshop
    • PM (S101) Demonstration of critical thinking lessons
  • Jan. 31 (Tues.) AM: Assessment – PATs (with EDUC 320)
    • Skim Case chapters 32 & 34
    • Burke, pp. 293-300.
    • PM (S101) Simulation and drama games
    • Cory Wright-Maley. 2014. In defense of simulating complex and tragic historical episodes. Canadian Social Studies, 47:1. Available online. Google article title.
  • Feb. 1 (Wed.) AM Teaching using maps and language study
    • Case chapter 28
    • Burke, pp. 256-258, 271-291.
  • Feb. 2 (Thur.) AM FA majors/minors @ Kenilworth
    • ELA & SS majors/minors on campus with Lloyd
    • PM PE majors/minors @ Kenilworth
  • Feb. 3 (Fri) AM Debriefing observation visits
    • Course evaluations
    • Final two Kenilworth reflections due
    • REMINDER PM 353 Practicum Orientation (with EDUC 351)
    • Novel integration paper due Monday Feb. 6 at 9 am

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