TERM:2020-21 Winter
NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Academic Advisors:
Dr Michael Janzen
Dr. Andrew Tappenden

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Dr Tetyana Khramova
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is a placement of 10 hours per week in a commercial, industrial or non-profit setting under the supervision of a computing professional. One of CMPT 480 and 481 must be in the non-profit sector. The intern will be expected to maintain a reflective journal and complete a summary paper.

Prerequisites: Twelve credits in computing science at the 300-level and consent of instructor
PROJECT GOALS: All projects for CMPT 480/481 shall share the following common goals:
  1. The  projects  shall  be  beneficial  to  the  student  by  providing  an  opportunity  to  develop  skills  and/or research knowledge in the discipline of Computing Science.
  2. The projects shall be well defined and tractable.
  3. The  projects  shall  be  substantial.  It  is  expected  that  any  project  the  student  shall  complete  will  be appropriate for a senior level Computing Science course.
  4. The  project  shall  be  the  property  of  the  student  insofar  as  it  will  be  necessary  for  the  student  to disseminate into the public domain knowledge directly related to this project unless other agreements with the client have been reached. Knowledge gained by the student outside the scope of the project shall remain exclusively the property of the supervisor or supervising business unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. (If the project involves propriety information or trade secrets, a separate agreement with the client may be necessary. Please discuss this with potential clients and the Academic Advisor or Work Integrated Learning Coordinator.)
Ongoing Performance50%
Log book15%
Midterm Report15%
Final Report15%
Oral Presentation5%
Please note that the ongoing performance will contain a confidential evaluation from the Client Supervisor and might be not be available to the student.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: CMPT 480/481 are project based courses designed to provide students with experience in a commercial, industrial, or non-profit setting under the supervision of a computing professional or other suitable supervisor.

For a student to successfully complete both CMPT480 and CMPT481 at least one of these practicums must be for a non-profit organization, or for a for-profit organization while working on a non-profit project. It is expected that the student will receive 10 hours of contact time per week, on average, over the course of a term (13 weeks) or the equivalent thereof. 

The objectives of this practicum are:
  • Knowledge Enhancement - to expose students to real-life projects where they may apply their theoretical and practical knowledge in computing science as well as gain additional hands-on experience;
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills Development – to challenge students to critically analyze project problems, decisions, and actions from a practising professional’s perspective;
  • Project-Management and Interpersonal Skills Development – to offer students real-life organizational and business environments to practice their time- and project-managmant skills, as well as oral and written communication skills.

Required texts, assignments, and grade distributions may vary from one offering of this course to the next. Please consult the course instructor for up to date details.

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