TERM:2020-21 Winter
COURSE TITLE: Internship
NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Tetyana Khramova
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The internship allows students to apply in a work setting, the knowledge, tools and skills gained from a combination of theoretical and practical training in finance, management, and entrepreneurship facilitated by the Commerce program. It consists of a 160-hour internship position with either a for-profit or non-profit organization. Grading will be based on employer evaluation and student's performance on mandatory activities and reports. Mark for the course will be pass/fail. Students may complete their internships in either Winter or Spring semester only. No Fall placements will be accepted. 

Prerequisites: BUSI 489 and permission from the Internship Coordinator or Academic Supervisor.

The purpose of BUSI 490 is provide students with the opportunity to apply in a ‘real-world’ workplace, the knowledge, tools, and skills gained from a combination of theoretical and practical business/management training throughout the first three years of the Bachelor of Commerce program. 
Students are encouraged to seek out internship positions which will allow them to enhance their business/management skills and also to explore genuine career interests.  
Note: The Academic Supervisor/Internship Coordinator will work with both students and potential employers to share information about internship opportunities, but it is the student’s responsibility to seek and secure an appropriate internship for himself or herself.   To receive academic credit, the position must be pre-approved by the Academic Supervisor/Internship Coordinator.
EVALUATION: The evaluation will be based on:
  • 1.  The completion of 3 written assignments with a minimum of 60% standing on each  
    • Weekly Logbook
    • Mid-Term Report 
    • Final Internship Report  
  • 2.  Full attendance 
    • Completion of the required hours as noted in the signed Learning Agreement (minimum 160 hours)
  • 3.  Submission of all documentation required including: 
    • Internship Learning Agreement 
    • Employer Evaluation – with a rating of SATISFACTORY or better
The final grade for this internship will be indicated as either PASS or FAIL. 
In order to PASS the course, students MUST:
  • Complete and submit on time, the Internship Agreement
  • Receive a score of 60% or higher for written assignments
  • Receive at least a SATISFACTORY rating on the Employer Evaluation 
COURSE OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this internship are:
  • Knowledge Enhancement - to expose students to real-life organizational and business settings where they may apply their theoretical and practical knowledge as well as gain additional hands-on experience
  • Critical Thinking Skills Development – to challenge students to critically analyze organizational problems, decisions, and actions from a practising professional’s perspective 
  • Systemic Thinking Skills Development – to offer students real-life organizational and business environments to practice their systemic thinking skills (think and plan using a systems approach where the interconnectedness of actions, reactions, and consequences upon both internal and external stakeholders as well as the overall business ecosystem are identified and considered)
  • Team and Interpersonal Skills Development – to allow students to observe and experience the concept of “organizational dynamics” and to enhance the development of interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Required texts, assignments, and grade distributions may vary from one offering of this course to the next. Please consult the course instructor for up to date details.

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