TERM:2018-19 Winter
COURSE TITLE: Values Under Pressure (CHE Exchange)
CREDIT WEIGHT AND WEEKLY TIME DISTRIBUTION: credits 3 (hrs lect 3 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 0)
CALENDAR DESCRIPTION: As the network of globalized operations expand and the diversity in workplaces increases, individuals will need to become more culturally competent and responsive in order to effectively address issues, challenges, and opportunities that arise. This course will explore the implications of culture and diversity, as well as the development and practice of Christian faith, in the business context in Western Europe, particularly The Netherlands and Belgium. Students will study at Christelijke Hogeschool in Ede, Netherlands for two weeks. Through classroom lectures and field trip experiences, students will develop competence in the profession of business and ethics, explore European culture (including the EU) and the current global crisis, and develop skills in cross-cultural leadership.

Prerequisites: One of BUSI 200, THEO 250, ENGL 204, EDUC 251, PHIL 230, POLI 205, or SOCI 200 and consent of the instructor
REQUIRED TEXTS: As provided by the instructor in class.
GRADE DISTRIBUTION This course is in conjunction with several other universities.  Students are assessed on a pass/fail basis.
  1. Increase students’ awareness of and sensitivity to cross-cultural issues.
  2. Establish a cognitive framework to analyze and appreciate the impact of culture on managerial behaviour and business practices.
  3. Develop the necessary skills to effectively communicate, interact, and operate interculturally.
  4. Generate a greater understanding of issues and challenges related to international management and global human resource management.
  5. Enhance students’ insight and ability to respond to diversity-related issues within our own communities and workplaces.
  • Saturday, January 6 2018
    • Arrive in Amsterdam, 2;00 pm at Samaritan’s Inn. Meet with professors and students of CHE.
    • Walking tour through the centre of Amsterdam, guided tour with visits to several NGOs in the Red Light District.
    • Canal Boat tour and dinner in Amsterdam.
    • Overnight stay at Hostel
  • Sunday,January 7
    • Visit to one of the Services of Hillsong Amsterdam
    • Q&A with Petra Schoen, colleague at CHE and member of the Leadership Team at Hillsong
    • Visit the Begijnhof in the center of the city
    • Visit one of the great Amsterdam museums
    • Overnight stay at Hostel
  • Monday,January 8
    • Leave for Ede by train, Lunch at Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (CHE),
    • Introductory lecture about the Dutch culture and the program of the two weeks,
    • Tour around the University, getting  a rented bicycle—the main transport system for two weeks, meeting with your host   
  • Tuesday,January 9
    • Morning: Start of the course focusing on Calling and Profession.
      • Develop (within a cross cultural project group) a game about a challenging dilemma within the framework of Calling and Profession.
    • Afternoon: Visit to Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem.
  • Wednesday, January 10
    • Working in project groups on Calling/Profession assignment
    • Guest lecture by manager of Interface
    • Define specific personal learning objectives with regard to living in another culture, Christianity outside North America, Europe, yourself
    • Refine your learning objectives in consultation/discussion with professors and classmates
  • Thursday, January 11
    • Early morning (around 5:00 AM) visit to the Flower Auction in Ede;
    • Another morning of workshops and seminars.
    • Working in project groups. Finalizing the game assignment.
    • Late afternoon presentation of the games at a small CHE Event
  • Friday,January 12
    • Morning: Introduction to the subject of the second week:
    • Dilemmas in Europe (related to culture) and the related 'research assignment'.
    • Afternoon: Prepare to make pairs for doing interviews in the center of Brussels.
  • Saturday, January 13
    • A day at the waves. A trip (by bus) to the province Zeeland. See the Dutch engagement with containing the sea.
  • Sunday, January 14
    • Morning: Join hosts for their Sunday program, or visit (by bicycle) to the International Church Fellowship of Wageningen.
    • Afternoon: visit to the Kroller Muller Museum in Ede with plenty of van Goghs and other impressionists, and a Sculpture Garden
  • Monday, January 15
    • Morning: Preparing to do the research in Brussels;
    • Leaving late morning for Brussels where you will stay for two nights in a hostel; 
    • Company visit in the afternoon; 
    • Dinner, together in the Center of Brussels

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