TERM:2020-21 Winter
COURSE TITLE: Illustration
CREDIT WEIGHT AND WEEKLY TIME DISTRIBUTION: credits 3 (hrs lect 0 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 6)
CALENDAR DESCRIPTION: This studio course explores the principles of two-dimensional design and develops skills in a variety of media and techniques. The final project - the complete design and illustration of a handmade storybook - is approached through weekly exercises in aspects of page design and illustration, including composition, typography, drawing in pencil and in ink, painting in water colours and in acrylics, simple printmaking, and collage. Students are required to purchase materials and equipment for this course.
Illustrator Research 5%
Comics Collection15%
Illustrated Text25%
Sketchbook and class activities40%
COURSE OBJECTIVES:Art 211 Illustration has four central objectives:
  • Exploring art media and techniques
  • Introducing foundations of design, art interpretation, and art theory
  • Applying these discoveries to illustration, typography and layout
  • Building expressive skill, conceptual thinking and critical rigour to generate meaningful artworks of personal and social resonance.
  1. Jan 6 Class Introduction, “scan quality” photos, Introduction Avatars
  2. Jan 11 Assign Illustrator research, Introduction to the Elements of Art and Principles of design
  3. Jan 13 Art criticism: practicing responding to and talking about artworks, working on Illustrator research
  4. Jan 18 Illustrator Research due 1:50pm /5, small group presentations, weekly practice exercise
  5. Jan 25 Assign Comics collection, comics exercices and drafts
  6. Jan 27 Comics exercises and drafts, One on one meetings
  7. Feb 1 Comics exercices and drafts
  8. Feb 3 Comics exercises and drafts, Small group meetings
  9. Feb 8 Comics exercices and drafts
  10. Feb 10 Comics collection due 5:00pm /15, One on one meetings
  11. Feb 22 Working with Colour, intro to watercolour, watercolour exercises
  12. Feb 24 10 art cards watercolour practice, Small group meetings Sketchbook and class activities first evaluation /20 following this class
  13. Mar 1 Illustration essentials: Telling the story (Characters, setting, point of view, scenario) Grandma goes out in the rain activity, Song illustration activity *Borrow/ find an illustrated text to analyse next week
  14. Mar 3 Illustration essentials cont’d: Telling the story, small group sharing
  15. Mar 8 Illustration essentials cont’d: analysing page layouts activity, selecting a text to work with for illustrated text, creating draft text)
  16. Mar 10 Generating ideas (product survey activity and Distinct Styles activity (image and text cover draft) activity, (1.5 hr. of individual meetings (?)
  17. Mar 17 Due date for choosing text, draft text and Distinct Styles activity, individual meetings to go over these
  18. Mar 22 Storyboard as a 8-12 panel comic/ w Characters, setting, point of view, scenario
  19. Mar 24 Working on illustrated text, Storyboard comic due, sharing in individual meetings
  20. Mar 29 Composition: 50 things composition activity
  21. Mar 31 Working on illustrated text, Small group sharing of progress, Second grading of sketchbook/class activities following this class /20
  22. Apr 7 Working on illustrated text and individual meetings
  23. Apr 12 Working on illustrated text and individual meetings
  24. Apr 14 Illustrated Text due 1:50pm, sharing and showcasing final works

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