TERM:2017-18 Fall
COURSE TITLE: The Story of Art: An Introduction to Art History I
NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Megan Bertagnolli, M.A.
CREDIT WEIGHT AND WEEKLY TIME DISTRIBUTION: credits 3 (hrs lect 3 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 0)
CALENDAR DESCRIPTION: Beginning in the dark caves of prehistory, and making stops in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome before ending in medieval Europe, this course will unravel the stories of ancient cultures through their art and artifacts. Time travelling over 40,000 years - from hand prints on stone walls to soaring stone cathedrals - students will be introduced to the paintings, carvings and architecture by which humans have expressed themselves and left behind indications of their lives, beliefs and experiences.
REQUIRED TEXTS: Marilyn Stockstad, Art: A Brief History 5E, with My Arts Lab
COURSE OBJECTIVES This is an introductory survey course that aims to provide a rough chronological account of the history of art from the stone age to the Renaissance.  It also seeks to develop visual literacy through the visual analysis of works and critical thinking skills through readings, writing assignments and small group discussions.

By the end of the semester students will be able to:
  • Identify specific periods and styles of art in the history of western civilization
  • Identify specific periods and styles of architecture in the history of western civilization
  • Acquire a degree of skill in interpretation of art
  • Address the role visual culture plays in different cultures and in the Christian faith
  • Practice communication of ideas through writing, speaking, and presenting ideas with respect to visual culture
Written Assignment 20%
Presentation 10%
Midterm 30%
Final Exam 35%
  • Prehistoric art in Europe: Palaeolithic & Neolithic periods
  • Art of the Ancient Near East: Mesopotamia
  • Art of Ancient Egypt: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom
  • Agean Art: Minoan & Mycenaean
  • Art of Ancient Greece: c.900 BCE to 30 BCE: focus on the figure
  • Art of Ancient Greece: c.900 BCE to 30 BCE: focus on architecture
  • Etruscan and Roman Art
  • Early Christian and Byzantine Art
  • Early Medieval Art in Europe
  • Romanesque Art and Architecture
  • Gothic Cathedrals and Illuminated Manuscripts
  • On the cusp of the Renaissance: Fourteenth Century Art in Europe

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