New Student Registration

Detailed Registration Instructions

  1. Log into your online services by going to

  2. It will ask you for your Student ID and PIN
    • Student ID: See your 2015/16 King’s Registration Information email
    • PIN: your default PIN is the month and day of your birth. For example, March 1 is 0301. You will be required to change your PIN immediately.
  3. Once you have logged into your OnLine Services, select Accept your Student Contractual Obligations for 2015/16.
    • Read through the Obligations
    • Click the I Agree… box
    • Click Record your agreement with this Statement
    • Retrun to the main menu
  4. Select Register for the 2015/16 Fall
    • Make sure the 2015/16 Fall Term is selected from the menu
    • From the Course to Add drop-down menu, select your first course based on the following criteria
      1. Register first in Breadth courses (Fine Arts, and Social Science) and other courses that have only one section.
      2. Register for your Major course
      3. Register for your Cognate course
      4. Register for your Foundation options.
      5. Register in Interdisciplinary Studies
      6. Register in UNIV050 (required for first time students to postsecondary)
      7. Register in UNIV050 and UNIV065
      8. Finally, pick an English section.
    • Once you have highlighted your first course, select the Make Changes button.
    • Select the Continue button – Congratulations… you just registered in your first course!
    • Continue to register in your courses until you are finished.
  5. Select Register for the 2015/16 Winter
    • Make sure the 2015/16 Winter Term is selected from the menu
    • Repeat the steps listed in number 4 until you are registered for the winter term
    • You do not need to register for the winter term, but it’s highly recommended as courses fill up quickly

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Contact Admissions to speak with an Admissions Counsellor or to set-up a one-on-one course registration appointment: